Welcome to the Atlas of India


This web-based interactive atlas has been designed by Anne-Claire Couïc (then at Paris I University) with support from Christophe Z Guilmoto (LPED/IRD) and Sébastien Oliveau (Un. Aix en Provence) during a traineeship at CICRED in 2005. The project has received additional support from the EMIS programme.

Data for this atlas are based on more than 5400 subdistrict units (teshils, taluks, circles, mandals, subdivision etc.) of India at the 2001 Census. They cover more than a hundred variables for demographic, economic, assets and housing data.

To launch the atlas, simply go the following pages:

A final version with complete help and metadata section is under completion.

How does it work? :

This interactive web atlas uses the Geoclip technology for web mapping. This will alow users to design their own maps from a large set of variables, to superimpose different layers, to zoom in and zoom out as they will and to perform mapping analysis using their own choice of value classes and colors.

The html pages are best viewed with Mozilla Firefox in 1024*768 screen format. The interactive maps, build with Geoclip, have been developed with Flash. Be sure you have an updated Flash plug-in to view these maps. You can download the plug-in from the Macromedia web site. The Flash plug-in is a free complementary software extension to your Internet browser (Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla ...).

To export maps, download PDF Creator here.

Please note that to view the atlas, you will need to download files, which might take some time at the beginning (for that reason, modem-based use is not advised)

Data used here are from the Census of India 2001: see the official web site www.censusindia.net