Christophe Z Guilmoto


directeur de recherche en démographie senior fellow in demography
Institut de recherche pour le développement

CEPED research unit (Paris Descartes-Ined-IRD)

associate member
CEIAS centre for South Asian Studies (EHESS/CNRS)

other activities
Autrepart,APS ,Population

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Kuala Lumpur 2015

recent publications
Guilmoto, C.Z., and Gavin Jones, eds, 2016. Contemporary demographic transformations in China, India and Indonesia, Springer, Dordrecht.

Guilmoto, C.Z., 2015. "Missing Girls: A Globalizing Issue". In James D. Wright (ed), International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition, Vol 15. Oxford: Elsevier. pp. 608–613.

Bongaarts, J. and C.Z. Guilmoto 2015, "How Many More Missing Women? Excess Female Mortality and Prenatal Sex Selection, 1970–2050", Population and Development Review, 41, 2, 241-269.

Guilmoto, C.Z. and M. de Loenzien, 2015. "Emerging, transitory or residual? One-person households in Viet Nam". Demographic Research 32(42): 1147−1176.

Guilmoto, C.Z.2015, Sex ratio at birth in Viet Nam: New evidence from the Intercensal Population and Housing Survey in 2014, UNFPA, Ha Noi.

Guilmoto, C.Z. 2015 "The Masculinization of Births. Overview and Current Knowledge", Population, 70, 2, 183-244.

Guilmoto, C.Z. 2015 " Mapping the diversity of gender preferences and sex imbalances in Indonesia in 2010", Population Studies, 69, 3.

Guilmoto, C.Z.2015, Gender-biased sex selection in Georgia. Context, evidence and implications, UNFPA, Tbilisi.


A personal reaction to Mara Hvistendahl's book (Unnatural selection): a bitter taste of breach of trust and a more formal review of her book: Studies in Family Planning 2011.