Christophe Z Guilmoto


directeur de recherche en démographie senior fellow in demography
Institut de recherche pour le développement

CEPED research unit (Paris Descartes-Ined-IRD)

associate member
CEIAS centre for South Asian Studies (EHESS/CNRS)

other activities
Autrepart,APS ,Population

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recent publications

Guilmoto, C.Z., 2013. Sex Imbalances at Birthin Armenia. Demographic Evidence and Analysis UNFPA, Yerevan.

Guilmoto, C.Z., and G. Duthé, 2013. "Masculinization of births in Estern Europe", Population et Société, 506, December.

Guilmoto C Z. & S.I. Rajan, 2013. "Fertility at the District Level in India. Lessons from the 2011 Census", Economic and Political Weekly, 48, 23, June 8, 59-70.


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Guilmoto C Z. 2012, "Skewed sex ratios at birth and future marriage squeeze in China and India, 2005-2100 ".Demography, 49, 1, 77–100


Guilmoto C Z. & Q. Ren, 2011. “Socio-economic Differentials in Birth Masculinity in China”, Development and Change, 42, 5, 1269–1296.

Guilmoto, C.Z., 2011, "Demography for Anthropologists : Populations, Castes and Classes in India”, in Clark-Deces, ed., The Companion to the Anthropology of India, Wiley-Blackwell, London, 25-44.


A personal reaction to Mara Hvistendahl's book (Unnatural selection): a bitter taste of breach of trust and a more formal review of her book: Studies in Family Planning 2011.